• Workshop on PV quality with focus on sharing best practice in quality assurance of solar PV components and power plants

Support to Ministry of New and Renewable Energy

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Support for policy advisory in states

The Government of India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy had a focus on development of large scale solar power generation projects under Phase I of JNNSM to bring down the cost as well as to build appropriate know-how. In the Phase II of JNNSM, the Ministry is focusing on penetrating rooftop solar photovoltaic projects in various States. GIZ/ComSolar is providing its support to various States and agencies, through Ministry, in formulating suitable mechanism for promotion of such projects.

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is committed to promote large scale as well as small scale solar power generation projects. ComSolar, through Ministry, has submitted the draft recommendations for implementing of Net Energy Metering Mechanism for the deliberation by the Forum of Regulators (FOR). Later, FOR has finalised the model regulations appropriately accepting the recommendations which are considered as a starting point by several State Electricity Regulatory Commissions' while preparing the framework for net energy metering mechanism in their respective states.

In addition, to support the Ministry’s vision, ComSolar is supporting three States namely, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh and one Union Territory Chandigarh on various aspects related to up-scaling deployment of rooftop solar power generation projects. Largely, the scope of support includes capacity building of the institutions, preparing recommendations for enabling policy and regulatory framework, assessment of technical potential of the roofs for implementation of projects, conducting bid process for the allotment of capacities to various suitable developers, conducting and moderating round table discussions, investors meet, conferences etc. and support during implementation of the rooftop solar photovoltaic power generation projects.

ComSolar has also been invited by the Ministry to provide its inputs on formulating a strategy for marketing renewable/solar energy products for easy adoption by the several consumer segments. Apart from the aforementioned aspects, ComSolar also support the Ministry in bringing the international experience on several technical aspects related to rooftop solar power generation projects. Comsolar has been sharing the international experience in solar energy at various events and workshops organised by MNRE  and Solar Energy Corporation of India.  

ComSolar is also cooperating with the Indian Ministry in organising study tours for the relevant representatives of the several Indian institutions to impart the knowledge gained from the market and through implementation of more than 32 GW of installations based on solar technologies in Germany.


  • ComSolar is cooperating with the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India & several State Institutions in developing framework for encouraging rooftop solar photovoltaic projects
  • The frameworks so developed shall be tested by implementing at least 7 MW of rooftop solar power generation capacity in 2 States, i.e., Uttar Pradesh (2MW) and Madhya Pradesh (5MW)

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GIZ and KfW in partnership with MNRE organized a session on "Grid Connected Solar Power with Special Emphasis on Rooftop" in RE-INVEST 2015
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