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Government and Regulatory Commissions are taking several necessary steps to increase the share of renewable energy in total generation composition of the country. Separate obligation targets have been announced by the Regulatory Commissions’ as well as to support the development policies and incentive structures have been announced by the Government. The purchase of electricity generated from rooftop solar photovoltaic projects qualifies for meeting the obligation target.

The distribution licensees of the union States of India are trying their best to meet the obligation targets specified by their respective State Electricity Regulatory Commissions’. Although, the Commissions’ are not imposing the penalty for non-compliance with their directions but are passing strict orders in this matter. In the absence of sufficient electricity generated from solar and non-solar resources are depending on purchase of renewable energy certificates. In these circumstances, implementation of rooftop solar photovoltaic projects of appropriate capacity could be one of the measures for meeting the obligation.

The distribution licensee of Madhya Pradesh has a solar –renewable purchase obligation of around 280 MW. In order to encourage the electricity generation based on renewable energy resources, it is the first time in the country wherein the distribution licensee is actively promoting the development of rooftop solar photovoltaic projects. It is implementing solar photovoltaic projects with a cumulative capacity of 5 MW on the roofs of Government buildings located in the city of Bhopal (1.5 MW), Jabalpur (2 MW) and Indore (1.5 MW) (one each in the areas of the three distribution licensees of the State).

The objective of the distribution licensee is being supported by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy by providing capital subsidy worth Rs. 12 Cr and technical assistance, in the preparation of standard documents for undertaking competitive bidding, provided by ComSolar/GIZ. The good practices learnt during the process were also made available for other distribution licensees and stakeholders of the segment.

Rattan India Energy Resources Ltd. has been selected as a developer through an open competitive bidding conducted by MPMKVVCL. The first grid connected rooftop solar photovoltaic plant (11.96 kW) installed on the roof of Power Distribution Training Centre, Bhopal was inaugurated by the Honourable Minister for Mining, Energy and Public Relations, Madhya Pradesh Government, Mr. Rajendra Shukla on 17th November 2015.

MPMKVVCL is now motivated to upscale the pilot project and looking forward to implement next phase of rooftop solar photovoltaic plants with cumulative capacity of 10 MW. Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has already sanctioned capital financial assistance to MPMKVVCL for implementing this capacity. Madhya Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission has also recently announced net energy metering framework through its regulations for promotion of renewable energy systems within the state.


  • First-of-its-kind activity in India wherein a distribution licensee is implementing rooftop solar photovoltaic projects
  • MNRE has sanctioned Central Financial Assistance (CFA) to MP MKVVCL which is designated as the nodal agency by the Ministry
  • 5 MW solar rooftop photovoltaic projects are under construction in 3 cities and replication of 10 MW projects is envisaged