• IndiaOne: Field of dishes erected at the project site in Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Solar Thermal Power Plant - India One

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India One is India’s first utility scale solar thermal power plant (with storage) designed to run 24x7 utilising the concentrated solar power technology. The project employs a provision of energy storage of 16 hours in addition to the regular operation of approximately 8 hours during sunny hours. It is an initiative jointly taken up by Government of India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation, Building & Nuclear Safety of Republic of Germany and World Renewal Spiritual Trust of Brahma Kumaris at Mount Abu in Rajasthan. The solar thermal power plant is in mature stage of construction.

The Shantivan campus of Brahma Kumaris at Mount Abu, Rajasthan shall demonstrate India’s first solar thermal power plant utilising storage of energy to provide round the clock generation to meet the electricity and heat requirements of the ashram. The Government of India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is supporting the project under its research and development initiative.

The solar thermal power plant is based on sheffler dish technology and with 770 such dishes to generate 1 MWe (3.5 MWth) energy output. The area of single dish is 60 m2 and the solar field is spread across an area of 25 acres (approx. 12 hectares). The dish concentrates solar rays towards the indigenously developed, highly efficient cavity receivers, which are positioned in front of each dish to store thermal energy. The innovative receiver is integrated into a heavy iron casting and thus provides an excellent storage. The heat exchanger coil is fully embedded into the thermal storage medium and allows an improved heat transfer. Excellent insulation and an automated shutter avoid substantial energy losses at night or in cloudy condition.

The demonstration project aims at transfer of technical know-how between the countries (Germany and India), together with creation of local employment and capacity building. The technologies i.e. the reflectors, receivers and storage which are developed in-house have a generous potential in different thermal applications such as industrial process heat. Efforts are being made to reduce costs, develop applicability in different sectors and develop partnership with industry sector to ensure the up-scaling and replication of the technology.

ComSolar, to support this research and development initiatives of Government of India, is bringing relevant expertise from world renowned experts, such as Fraunhofer ISE Institute (http://www.ise.fraunhofer.de/en), as well making available the advanced technology equipment from international market to IndiaOne. Furthermore ComSolar is  acting as a nodal point between the Indian and the German Government for the project and is – on behalf of BMUB – supplying a share of the required goods/materials to the project.




  • The 770 nos. of 60 m2 sheffler concentrating dish along with 16 hour thermal storage technology intends to provide 24x7 power supply
  • The reflectors/concentrating dishes, receivers, storage, control system and other parts are developed indigenously with support from internationally renowned experts
  • The demonstration project aims at generating clean energy, local employment, and technology transfer

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Additional Information

  • Plant is designed as captive cogeneration power plant to provide electricity & heat for the Shantivan Complex and nearby hospital
  • The iron core storage can be heated up to a max. 450 oC
  • Plant is anticipated to generate 24,000 kWhel per day for 270 days
  • Network enabled dual axis tracking system