• 10.47 kW solar photovoltaic plant installed on the roof of the German House, New Delhi

Rooftop photovoltaic (German House)

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In order to showcase the potential for grid-connected solar photovoltaic (PV) applications, GIZ ComSolar initiated a pilot solar PV rooftop project on the 'German House' building at Chankyapuri, New Delhi. This building houses the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) and the German School. The 10.47 kWp pilot project demonstrated the integration of two module technologies (Crystalline and thin film) with the building's load.

Q-Cells, a German module manufacturer, financed and installed the systems as a demonstration project to showcase its product and to exhibit the technical feasibility of installing a rooftop photovoltaic system on Delhi’s rooftop. The plant comprises of 24 modules (230 Wp each) based on multi-crystalline technology and 55 modules (90Wp each) based on thin film (CIGS) cell technologies providing 5.52 KWp and 4.95 KWp of power respectively.

The plant was inaugurated by the then Mr. Guido Christ, Dy. Dir. Gen., IGCC Delhi, Dr. G. Prasad, Director, Solar Photovoltaics at MNRE; Bernd Dunnzlaff, Head of Development Cooperation at the German Embassy, Jens Burgtorf, IGEN-Director at GIZ, Mr. Manasij Kar, Director Sales at Q-Cells Systems India Pvt. Ltd.; Dr. Parveen Dhamija, Executive Officer Department of Environment, EE & REM Centre, Govt. of N.C.T. of Delhi.

The rooftop photovoltaic plant began generating electricity on 19th August 2011 and generates about 15,000 units every year. Till now it has avoided about 40,000 kg of CO2 emissions, which otherwise would have been emitted if the same power was produced from fossil fuel.  The PV installation system uses a remote, wireless monitoring system, which transfers and stores the data related to generation. The Indo-German Chamber of Commerce is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the panels. The panels are cleaned thrice a week.



  • The solar plant installed in 2011 was one of the initial grid connected solar plants in the urban areas demonstrating solar technology
  • The plant comprises of a mix of multi-crystalline and thin film technology
  • It is operating successfully, generating about 15,000 units every year

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