• Training on solar photovoltaic systems organised in Chennai

Training and capacity building

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India has a large potential for harnessing its solar energy resource. The Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has set ambitious targets to increase the contribution of renewable energy in the energy supply mix. Training of manpower working on various aspects of renewable energy, such as solar thermal and solar PV, has a high priority for MNRE. The MNRE’s human resource development policy also specifically targets the encouragement of educational institutions to expand and undertake regular short-term training courses in the field of renewable energy. The market development in India needs skilled professionals all along the value chain, such as project developers, system engineers, responsible installation supervisors, technicians, personnel responsible for operation and maintenance, financing institutions and manufacturers.

With the aim to facilitate the transfer of German experience and skills developed in the solar sector to the various stakeholders in Indian market, GIZ through its project ComSolar had organised many successful training programmes in various Indian institute of technologies (IIT).

Train-the-trainer initiative in PPP mode with STEAG Energy Services India in Solar Thermal Power Plant Technology at IIT Jodhpur

Simulation techniques play an important role at all the stages of CSP plant and therefore training on these simulators is critical in the development of CSP industry. Training on the developed simulators enables the participants to judge the feasibility of CSP projects, carry out the thermodynamic designing of solar thermal plants, calculate cumulative power production in a typical meteorological year, learn plant operations and study the transient behaviour of a CSP plant.

IIT Jodhpur (IITJ) and Steag Energy Services India Pvt. Ltd. (SESI) conducted a series of 15 programmes on applications of steady state and dynamic simulation in solar thermal power plants with support from GIZ. Under this series, eight programmes were held for steady state simulation and seven for dynamic simulation. The series was held under the public private partnership (PPP) programme under Comsolar project of GIZ. The participants in both the programmes have been from industry, faculty from other engineering colleges, and faculty of IITJ and research students from IITJ. In all, 81 professional were imparted training through this programme.

Training initiative with RENAC as well as IIT Madras and IIT Bombay for training in Solar PV and Solar Thermal Process Heat sectors

In September 2011 the ComSolar project conducted a needs assessment workshop in order to identify capacity building needs of the solar sector in India. Different stakeholders including representatives of MNRE, State Nodal Agencies, project developers, various education and training institutes, etc. were invited to the event to share their experience and recommendations.

Based on the outcome of the need assessment workshop, the ComSolar project conceptualised a training initiative for applications in solar thermal process heat and solar PV primarily for working professionals in the sector at IIT Bombay and IIT Chennai respectively. This brought together the international field experience of the reputed Renewable Energy Academy (RENAC) and the technical as well as local experience of the reputed Indian Institute of Technology. Close coordination between IIT’s, RENAC and GIZ led to the joint development of the course content and course programme.

The objective of the course was to transfer know-how on the technical design and installation of solar thermal and PV systems to actors in India, engaged in the field of solar power generation. 

A proposal to roll out joint-training programmes for three years at the IITs has been finalised by GIZ, RENAC and the two IITs and submitted to MNRE for soliciting their approval and support.




  • At IIT Jodhpur- During a period of one year from Sept 2012 -2013, 15 trainings were conducted and 81 professionals trained on CSP technology
  • At IIT Mumbai – In May 2012, a 5 day training programme on solar thermal process heat was conducted for 22 professionals
  • At IIT Chennai – In April 2012, a 5 day training programme on large scale solar PV power plants was conducted for 26 professionals


  • Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE)
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur
  • Indian Institute of Technology Chennai
  • Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai
  • Renewable Energy Academy (RENAC), Germany
  • STEAG Energy Services India Pvt. Ltd., India