• Indian delegation in Germany to attend the study tour on “Distribution Grid Management, Challenges and Solutions – Large Scale Integration of Renewable Energy”

Study Tours

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To encourage deployment of solar installations in India it is important to impart experience and learnings to the relevant officers of state and central government from the successful implementation of solar programme Germany. Indian stakeholders should also be made aware of the procedures and protocols adopted by the German government and organisations for administering over 36 GW solar photovoltaic capacity. With the aim of knowledge exchange and learnings for both the countries, GIZ through its project ComSolar has organised many successful study tours to Germany.

Study Tour “Integration of rooftop solar photovoltaic and other small scale generation in the distribution network – Experience from Germany”
Germany, July 25-29, 2016

An Indian delegation of senior officials from fourteen Indian states responsible for promotion of renewable energies across the value chain, including electricity distribution licensees, state governments, Government of India, and electricity regulatory commissions, visited Germany to learn from the experiences on the high penetration of renewable energies in Germany’s energy market. The key topics addressed were complex grid operation and management with large scale integration of distributed generation, transition in energy markets, technological innovations in glass-on-glass photovoltaic modules, new operation and maintenance practices in photovoltaic power plants, electro-mobility, grid-scale battery storage and flexible coal based power generation technologies etc.

Study Tour “Distribution Grid Management, Challenges and Solutions – Large Scale Integration of Renewable Energy”
Germany, June 1 - 8, 2014

An Indian delegation comprising 23 representatives from central and state governments, electricity regulatory commissions, public and private electricity distribution companies and private sector travelled to Germany to interact with the distribution utilities of Germany, meet with the European Energy Exchange (EEX), exchange ideas with the private sector companies active in solar and grid integration sector, meet with the research institutions, and participate in the world’s largest exhibition demonstrating solar technology (Intersolar) etc. The main topic for the trip was the complex management of decentralised power supply systems within the context of large-scale feed-in of solar energy into distribution networks. The Indian delegation met among others with Fraunhofer institute, Siemens, N-ERGIE-Netz, Nürnberg and concluded the trip with a visit to the Intersolar exhibition in Munich.

Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Study Tour for Indian Delegation
Germany, June 10 - 11, 2013

After having gained substantial experience in implementing large scale solar photovoltaic projects, India is preparing to focus on small scale and rooftop solar photovoltaic segment. In this regard, GIZ in cooperation with International Finance Corporation, the World Bank Group, has organised a study tour for the Indian officials in Berlin during 10th and 11th June, 2013. Policy makers and representatives from Central Electricity Regulatory Commission and Ministry of New and Renewable Energy along with nine (9) States/Union Territories participated in the tour and learned the framework designed in Germany for promotion of rooftop solar photovoltaic projects from leading market experts

Other tours and visits

To facilitate knowledge exchange between India and Germany, many trips have been organised to events such as Intersolar – world’s largest solar energy conference and exhibition, SME thermal etc.




  • GIZ under its support to Ministry of New and Renewable Energy for promotion of solar energy is organizing study tours for Indian officials to impart knowledge and share experiences from the challenges faced by Germany in their solar programme implementation.
  • The sessions are organised considering the requirements of the Ministry and aim at knowledge exchange between both the countries.


  • Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE)
  • State Governments
  • Central and State Electricity Regulators
  • Electricity Distribution Licensees
  • Central Electricity Authorities
  • Solar Energy Corporation of India
  • IREDA and Other financial institutions