• Workshop on Solar Process Heat for Industrial Applications

  • Solar water heating system installed and monitored at Synthokem labs, Hyderabad

  • Solar water heating system installed and monitored at Himachal Pradesh Dairy

Solar process heat (SoPro India)

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India is consuming over 100 million tonnes of oil per annum. Of this 40 per cent is consumed in industries with roughly 15 million tonnes in thermal applications below 250 oC temperatures. Majority of oil requirement is met through imports. Combustion of oil causes release of GHG emissions leading to climate change. Utilisation of solar thermal in process heat application is seen as a viable option. Various studies have been undertaken to assess the theoretical potential of substituting solar heat in different industries. However, there are challenges for dissemination of solar heat in industrial processes (SHIP) system. These challenges are both technical and financial.

To address few of the technical challenges – lack of awareness, trust and enhancement of quality – SoPro-India project is conceived. SoPro-India is supported by German Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) and designed in cooperation with Indian Ministry of New and renewable Energy (MNRE). It is implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH in consultation with Fraunhofer Institute of Solar Energy (ISE), Germany and APITCO, India.

The project aims at building confidence on SHIP technology by providing reliable performance data through scientifically monitoring three SHIP systems. The awareness on SHIP system would be raised through disseminating information on techno-commercial parameters of twenty SHIP examples – be representative of different applications, in varied industries dispersed throughout the country. The information would be published through an online marketing portal.

We believe that the project is a starting point for developing a robust and sustainable SHIP market. The results from the project would lead to addressing key barriers currently impeding the large scale diffusion of SHIP technology. Specifically the project could give impulse for improving SHIP system designs and its standardisation.



  • Compare SHIP system design between Indian and European systems
  • Optimise existing SHIP systems designs in India
  • Improve system quality through recommending cheap, robust and reliable monitoring concept

Additional Information

  • Project kick-off meeting was held on 29th January 2014 in New Delhi under cooperation with MNRE
  • A workshop on monitoring, design and certification of solar process heat systems in the Indian industries was organised in New Delhi on 16th October 2014

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