Capacity Development

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The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has set ambitious targets to increase the contribution of renewable energy in the energy supply mix. Training of manpower working on various aspects of renewable energy, such as solar thermal and solar PV, has a high priority for MNRE. The MNRE’s human resource development policy also specifically targets the encouragement of educational institutions to expand and undertake regular short-term training courses in the field of renewable energy. The market development in India needs skilled professionals all along the value chain, such as project developers, system engineers, responsible installation supervisors, technicians, personnel responsible for operation and maintenance, financing institutions and manufacturers. 

With the aim to facilitate the transfer of German experience and skills developed in the solar sector to the various stakeholders in Indian market, GIZ through its project ComSolar had organised many successful training programmes in partnership with various Institutes.

More Projects

Policy Advisory

ComSolar is supporting MNRE and state nodal agencies in exploring various feasible and replicable mechanisms for the deployment of grid connected rooftop solar photovoltaic facilities and to design suitable implementation framework. (more)

Demonstration Projects 

ComSolar is piloting innovative solar technologies and business models in order to test and assess the technical and economic feasibility of these energy solutions and then developing strategies for replication and dissemination. (more)